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    Greetings Burger Fanatics!

    Burger town welcomes the cutest and most adorable special guests to town!
    Have you seen them around? They are all cute looking but don’t let them fool you, these little guys are picky eaters!

    From 3/21 4:00 PM to 3/24 4:00 PM these special guests will visit your store to order special food and all you need to do is cook it!
    Also, your friends can help too! Simply WISH for a food to be done and a friend can help you finish it! (There is a 1 minute delay after helping a friend)

    Cook their dishes to earn points and as we always do, our famous ranking system will reward the top 300 players!

    - 1 - 10 = Gold Chef Trophy (15D)
    - 11 - 30 = Silver Chef Trophy (8D)
    - 31 - 100 = Bronze Chef Trophy (5D)

    * Trophies will grant you random items every 2 hours.
    * Trophies can only be deleted after they expire. If trophy is stored after expiration, it cannot be placed again in the store.
    * Trophy must be claimed before 8/15 11:59 PM

    Just a tip: Keep the little guys happy! You don’t want to leave them hungry