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    Greetings Burger Fanatics!

    The time has come to show your true cooking skills! All that hard work at cooking your heart out with delicious recipes will pay off! Join the biggest Cooking Competition ever in Burger Together!

    The dynamic works like this, Aiden will visit your restaurant asking for a specific meal and all you have to do is cook it! Sounds pretty simple right? Well be ready as cooking master begins today at 5:00 PM (PDT) !

    Grand prizes:
    True Cooking Masters that make it into the ranking list will win the following prizes:

    Ranking 1 - 20:
    Best Expert Trophy (15 days)
    Ranking 21 - 50:
    Great Expert Trophy (8 days)
    Ranking 51 - 150:
    Expert Trophy (5 days)
    * All trophies will grant you random items every 2 hours

    - Prizes must be claimed within 4 days from end of event period and it will be received via Gift Chest.

    Let’s enjoy this delicious event and stay cooking together!
    - Burger Together Team