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  • More inside the bun!

    Greetings Burger Fanatics!

    Welcome our newest Burger expansion! We are adding more fun inside the bun and will be launching our latest expansion that includes a level increment and many fun ítems for your farm and restaurant! This is the first of MANY expansions we will be adding to Burger Together.

    This expansion includes new cookers, new production facilities and a new building specially prepared for those who love to temp.

    If you would like to see full details of each of the new ítems, visit our Expansion Details notice.

    We will be performing maintenance on April 9th 17:30 - 19:30 (PDT) to add this new patch, we can’t wait to see all the fun these ítems bring in the amazing world of Burger Together!

    Let’s all enjoy the new expansion together!
    - Burger Together Team
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