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Level cap expansion please and something to spice things up!

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  • Level cap expansion please and something to spice things up!


    I have also posted this on the Burger Together Facebook 'Community' section.

    Based on the trend, level cap expansions were approx every 3 months and it has been well over 6 months now with nothing.
    Game patch notes indicate level cap expansions were:

    A level cap expansion has been way overdue.
    Been doing quests for nothing for the past few months.

    It's already just an endless repetitive cycle every level cap expansion, same deal, just different looking cooker.
    Themes are just the same deal, just different looking.
    And events have been the same recycled events over and over again, just different looking achievement rewards.
    But now, it's REALLY repetitive with no exp gains due to the level cap.
    The only reason I am still here is because the community and friends have been wonderful but just by the threads.

    Please introduce something different to spice up the game! And I don't mean some way to deplete our money (like the Lucky shuffle or adjusting the Help Collection reward from 200 Rubies to 100 Rubies.), I mean something strategic that creates a FUN challenge.

    Please and Thank you!!

    - Rei
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