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    My franchise and I were talking and its incredibly hard for anyone level 50 or below to contribute in the T5 deliveries. It's also hard to meet the 285 required for 3 stars without having to use rubies to speed up the motorcycle so we dont miss one. It would be nice if maybe there was a way to get the number of deliveries required reduced somehow, because I thought the whole point of this was to get rubies but we end up spending more rubies to get less rubies.

    I would love your feedback on this and any other players opinions as well.

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      While I can see where you're coming from and your points are valid, but I think it's things like these that make the game fun and challenging. It keeps it from being mundane and changes up the pace! The franchise I am in had our first attempt at Tier 5 and it went really well! Without having to use rubies to boost the motorcycles, as a team, we were able to get 3 stars! It really all boils down to how often your members can be online and how much time they can commit to the game. And it's totally doable for folks under 50 to contribute to T5.
      Our lowest lvl member being 41, was able to contribute 9 orders! We are so proud of her! I really commend her efforts and everyone in the franchise. I think a factor that is nice about this game is that they make it challenging so that we cannot achieve perfect results the first try. But instead, we have to progress and work towards becoming better. And the challenge is best tackled together!
      Everyone will always have to start off somewhere, and although it is harder, I don't think it needs to be changed. If it is too hard or if you want 3 stars, you can always go back to Tier 4 and wait till the rest of the franchise to level up, or try Tier 5 again and figure out a better way together. There are many options to choose from. If it was easy to achieve, people would be posting in here that they want more challenge in a week! Let's give the developers a break. haha


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        I agree with Rei for this topic. My franchise also attempted to Tier 5 delivery the day it came out and we were able to complete it! The high level people in our franchise did most of the heavy lifting but everyone else contributed too and we were just barely able to get 3 stars. We decided to go back to Tier 4 for now to wait until our members level up more but it is definitely possible to complete all deliveries without spending too many rubies. I think since Tier 5 is meant for higher level franchises and players it should be challenging and not easy. It definitely encourages players to be more active and honestly the amount of rubies given doesn't differ drastically for tier 4 to 5 so I think the challenge of completing Tier 5 deliveries is fun rather than discouraging!