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  • Expired trophies

    I understand that they shouldn't drop items forever, but it's be really nice if they could at least retain their popularity. It makes logical sense that a restaurant would be more popular if it has awards on display, right?

    On another note, I really wish we could properly store them in case we wanted to maybe transfer them between stores or something. Also, it's just annoying to see the "delete" dialog come up when you accidentally tap it when trying to tap a cooker behind it or something. Makes it seem like the game wants us to delete them, which definitely isn't the case!

    Anyway, it just makes me sad that our hard earned trophies are functionally equivalent to garbage to be thrown away after they expire people put a lot of time and gems into the events, I think they would appreciate their trophies feeling a little more permanent

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    I agree. I feel like they should be worth fame and be like a decoration after they expire with each one having more fame the higher you were.


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      Agreed. Trophies should be collectible and used as decorations. Let us just keep them, please.