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This franchise 7-day ownership transfer is too punishing. Please change it.

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  • This franchise 7-day ownership transfer is too punishing. Please change it.

    This is what is says in the FAQ:

    "39. When a Main Franchise member does not login for 7 Days, the Manager with the highest contribution can get ownership of the Franchise. If there is no Manager, the member with the highest contribution will take ownership of the Franchise."

    Making and managing a franchise is a lot of work. As the owner of a franchise, I have to boot inactive players and go around advertising, recruiting new people, teach them how to perform deliveries, and send reminders to do deliveries when they forget.

    I think it is unfair that a franchise owner can lose something they invest so much time and real life money (from buying/using gems) into. Maybe the owner can get sick and not log in for a week. What if another player inherits the franchise and ends up being malicious and kicks the other members or deletes the franchise? We put our faith into these players, but you can never really know if they are good or bad people. In the end, most of us are playing with strangers, not real life friends and family.

    Here are my suggested rules which I think would make the franchise system more fair:
    • Original creator of franchise can NOT be kicked, ever.
    • If franchise owner is inactive, the highest contributing manager takes ownership of franchise.
    • If franchise owner and managers are inactive, the highest contributing affiliate takes ownership of the franchise.
    • Managers can kick affiliates and recruit new affiliates.
    • Original creator of franchise can always return to the game and reclaim guaranteed ownership of the franchise.
    These rules will allow the members to regulate themselves, keep the franchise active, and reap the benefits of getting the rewards of a high level franchise.

    Please consider these changes, because as a serious player, I worry that I might lose my franchise after putting so much commitment into it.

    Thanks for reading.
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