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Extremely frequent server errors / infinite loading

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  • Extremely frequent server errors / infinite loading

    I'm a huge fan of Burger Together, but oftentimes, the game becomes completely unresponsive (blocked on server requests?) very very VERY frequently.

    It happens most frequently right after loading my farm or a friend's farm. The farm would load in just fine, but then, I would try to perform an action and I would get a loading spinner that hangs for an eternity before the requests goes through and shows the server error dialog. Clicking OK on the server dialog will reload the game usually just fine, but then it happens again shortly after. It makes a wonderful game into a barely playable game I've attached some screenshots (please read the captions I've included as well!)

    Please let me know if there's any more information I can provide to help resolve this issue. I enjoy the gameplay and game design a lot and want it to be a good experience.
    An example of me trying to help a friend's farm and getting an indefinite spinner. The request never goes through. Directly correlated with the empty friend's list. An example of me on my farm trying to open the franchise UI. Indefinite spinner, also directly correlated with the empty friends list. Sometimes the indefinite spinner will  result in this server error but only after a LONG time. I usually would have restarted the game by then. I have to restart manually too, because that button doesn't actually work.
    Last edited by lolchans; 07-21-2018, 02:47 AM. Reason: After some experimentation, I've managed to simplify the problem, but it's still very frequent and makes the experience frustrating

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    Thank you for supporting our game and we are truly sorry for the inconvenience you are currently experiencing.

    First, we would like to ask, are you currently playing on wi-fi? If so, would you be able to try playing not on wi-fi and just on data?
    We have not encountered any server problems or issues so far, and so, we expect this to be a network related issue.

    One other suggestion we have would be to create some more data space in your device to allow the game to run more smoothly.

    If, even after all the above actions, the issue persists, please send us a ticket to with the following details and we will investigate the issue even further.

    1. In-game Nickname:
    2. Current App Version (Current Version) (Menu -> Settings -> App info. -> App Version)
    3. Device (Ex: Samsung Galaxy S7):
    4. Network Connection: (Ex: Wi-fi / LTE / 3G):
    5. How often do you experience the issue: (Sometimes, always, occasionally, etc.):
    6. Date(When did you experience the issue):
    7. A detailed explanation of the issue occurred:

    Thank you.

    - BT Suppor Team


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      Thanks again for another timely reply!

      I have played on two different high speed wi fi networks as well as a 3G cellular network, and this happens in all cases pretty equally.

      In terms of data space, I have ~7GB of space left on my phone. My guess is that this should be enough for anything, but just in case, I tried deleting some more unused apps, and that didn't help either.

      I will file a ticket as suggested.